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Juicing day 4

Went out for a little run yesterday - bad idea... energy is coming in waves... would run, be exhausted for 5 minutes, have energy again, be exhausted, repeat. I don't think I'm processing stuff correctly yet, and according to juicers I shouldn't until day 7-9 I think when the enhanced energy supposedly kicks in.  I can probably make it to see.
Thus far the hardest part about this is being told I'm not wanted as a meal companion and the non-stop talking about how people couldn't do this.  It's freaking simple - take the headache, drink the juice.
No idea on weight today - I'm feeling a bit dehydrated today so my bet is if my scale worked it would say a couple of pounds lost, but I gotta get some batteries for it.
Have not pooped since day 1 - think that's entirely due to not eating since day one (ok, I nibbled a bit on the core of an apple I was juicing but that was from wanting to not waste any apple)
Kim says I look thinner today, I'm thinking even if I lost 5 pounds that shouldn't make that big of a difference - around 217 is when I can go from an XL to an L - which is where I want to be as I like loose shirts and I have a bunch of L shirts I want to wear
LJ is being a POS and lost my entry - rrrr... can't use backspace.
Ayyway, 3 years ago I was nearing my target weight of 187 - I got to 198 and then my back basically said "f it, you can lay down for 5 months" and I went from 198 right back up to 232.  I was doing good in the low 200s, I hope to get there quickly using this method.  I know that most of dieting is you can lose weight fast but gain it back, but if I could get my ass down to ~200 I would be prime shape for running I think.
Eh, not much of an update... brain I would say is at ~76% - little lower than I reported before, but it's also morning.
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Juicing day 3

I may have voided the diet as I had a beer last night, but day 2 went lethargically
day 3 has been lethergic too because I had to fast on the juice fast as I had a doc's appointment and was not supposed to eat or drink anything but water for 6 hours before, as a result I had some juice in the morning and then nothing till now which has made me tired.
Lat night, stomach going like crazy growling at me, but I did not feel all that hungry.
Today I am hungry, but feeling more upbeat... beat down, but upbeat if that makes any sense.
Talked to the doctor for a while about the diet, he wanted to know the exact particulars and was quite interested in seeing what my results were - evidently he doesn't have a bunch of people who try diets that theoretically are extremely good for you.
I'm 228 pounds today, so down 3 pounds in 3 days which is not a biggie as I've had nothing solid, however this is after chugging a mass of juice as I was starving due to the fast fast... I find it odd after day 1's hunger to be this hungry but for nutrition as opposed to chewing... odd feeling.
Not quite here in the brain today, think that's mostly due to the not drinking juice earlier...
Current cost per day including a meal and a half for Kim is running at about $10.
Still feeling more of my body reporting in for some reason, I think that may have more to do with hunger than with the juice... colors are a bit more vivid, I feel coiled to strike... eh, probably just hunter instinct saying go out and eat something you dumbass.
Doc was actually interested in seeing how long I could comfortably go on the diet. So am I... I'm working on what my exit will be... as right now I want to see what this does and how I handle it.
One thing, while researching why they say no caffeine and no booze, it appears they just are diuretics and will f you up if you get dehydrated. Learned this from some weightlifting forums that suggested b6 and weed as replacements if you start pruning...
So much odd stuff.
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Juicing day 2

Most of day 1 went fine till about 9pm when I was so hungry I was eyeing the cat. I drank some more juice, this seemed to just give me energy to be more hungry. I had way too much energy when trying to go to sleep last night, was tossing and turning till 4am, didn't feel sleepy. Had a mild headache.
Day 1 passed, according to the scale I dropped 2 pounds - which is probably true - you drop a lot of weight for the first few days as your colon cleans out, you drop a lot the next few as you start burning fat. That's the point I am struggling to get to - at that point I should resume feeling like a normal human.. that should be day 3 or 4.
Right now I am kind of lethargic - brain is probably running about 80%, it still is in the mood to propel me toward food... "hey, why don't we take a nice walk down to Taco Bell" but I am not hungry at the moment. I am deviating from the diet slightly by having a caffeinated beverage - the reasoning behind not drinking them seems to be dehydration and I feel like I am at no risk for that at the moment... I am at risk of falling asleep.
I feel like every bit of my body is... not tingling, just very aware of it. Not sure if that's the sleep deprivation, me trying hard to feel something, or that perhaps caffeine hits with a brass knuckle when you're juicing.  Will know later I assume. I also seem to be aware of exactly how many teeth I have and how they would like to chew on something that crunches.
Things I have noted that are also listed as effects:
nasal passage cleared (could be coincidence as weather changed a bit also) 
coated tongue (I hope this one goes away, it's not easy having a green tongue)
oily hair (no biggie, it was looking actually pretty good)

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead put the juice diet at $14 a day, which is roughly $8 more than the average American american spends on food (2004 data)  My cost for 3 days worth of juice supplies was $17 which puts my daily cost less than that... actually surprises me that cost is so low.
Thinking there may be a mixup in the data somewhere... ah well, I'm cruising along below what I think is average, unless you count the juicer as part of the thing.
So anyway, day 2 - I am ok, just a bit tired. Coffee helps, but not going to drink much of it
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Time to do something with LJ / Juicing

 It's been forever, I think what I have time for these days is simply to write about my diet.  Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Goodandevo, etc have been consuming more and more of my time and... eh I'm not feeling incredibly creative.
A few months ago Kim got interested in juicing (that is taking a fruit or vegetable and squishing all the juice out of it) - I was vaguely interested also and we got a Jack LaLane juicer from CostCo.  We used it 3 times and returned it.  Cleanup was terrible, it was not producing much juice... I've come to realize since then we may have just been doing it wrong (except the cleanup) so thus ended experiment 1 in juicing.
A couple of weeks ago I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead:
The premise is this - Joe Average who has a skin problem he's treating with meds that are making him fat decides it's time to do something anyone can do - go on a juice diet and see if that does not help.  The problem is he's not Joe Average - he's a fairly successful Australian businessman who can afford to take 2 months off to do nothing but juicefast and travel the USA telling people about how great juicing is.
As movies went, his 2 months was meh, I would have probably left watching that with the feeling that if I were an overweight rich Australian with a couple of months to kill I might manage to get myself into the shape he managed to do - in his case he dropped a shitton of weight in the 60 days, went from flab to really pretty healthy looking. Stopped taking the meds he was on, all sorts of greatness. But still... Australian millionaire (probably, he certainly must be now) I figured results were atypical
Movie changed a bit into it with another guy coming on the scene with worse issues, and although his results were sponsored by the first guy, man... it was epic. I nearly cried... I didn't mind you... but if I could feel human emotion I might have
So I decided I wanted to try it.  I'm not sure I want to try it completely yet - last night was my first attempt with a different juicer (masticating, 6 minute clean up) and I made 3.25 glasses of juices - apple, carrot, spinach, collard greens.  I realized shortly after I did this (internet hindsight) that juice has a very limited lifespan and since I was not going to be drinking it last night, I was losing a lot of the good in it.  I did what I could to preserve the awesome - getting it as close to freezing as possible, drinking it early in the morning, and think I have a decent start to my probably modified Reboot diet.
I say probably modified because I can't get the freaking page to load at the moment.  Works as follows - I will drink juice as opposed to food for at least 2 meals a day to start (pretty sure the Reboot is total juice-fast) and if I eat it will be reasonable. Today's breakfast and lunch were sponsored by Collard Greens (think I am allergic to), carrots, apples, and spinach (which is a joy to juice as a note) - roughly 32 ounces.
Starting this out at 232 pounds, the weight my body always wants to return to (I'm more muscle than before, but still want to lose weight as I'd like to be lighter / able to run better). Will see if this works. I'm classified by BMI as obese (32.4), but I sort of think I'm just chunky - I mean, I'm too chunky yes, but I'm the kind of chunky who can bike ride 20 miles (complaining) run on an elliptical for an hour, bench 180 (supposedly, I don't trust those machines) - I calculate my chunk by squishing my belly and seeing that there's too much squishable.  Other than weight being too high, my last blood test said my triglyceride count was fairly high but still in the normal range (a year ago it was way high - did meds for a bit and then slacked of to just doing exercise and afterward the number was higher than medicated but not terrible) - so elevated triglycerides, sleeplessness and a twitchy leg when I try to sleep (which sometimes causes the sleeplessness) no medications.
Day 1 - breakfast / lunch - spinach (glass full of juice), 2x apples, carrots (most of a bag) one thing of collard greens (which I think I am allergic to in that concentration) - cup I'm using looks like it's about 32 oz, drank a bit more than that and spilled some.
Day 1 notes - stomach *not* ready for this, not horrible though. Started at about 8am, drank on the drive in to work, finished by 10am, almost noon and am hungry.  I need to drink less at a sitting so I have juice left for later. Need to invest in some sort of liquid transportation thingie as I drove into work with a big ol' open plastic cup.
Had too much for one sitting, left none for another.  Juice fills you up for a meal, but does not keep you feeling full.

Well frak, looks like I'm pretty much planning on following one of the variations of the diet.... rassafrassa
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More musings / preparation

Something I was thinking of that I did not mention in that last post of preparedness questions is to mention unimaginable mind-crushing terror.  If you've never had someone try to rob you, dropped 70 feet off a cliff, had some drunk ass try and run you down on a motorcycle, nearly drowned, faced a friend who's armed and off their meds/rocker, saw someone drop on a motorcycle right in front of you, been in a car wreck, had a house / grease / whatever fire, saw your computer containing all your information for the past 8 years completely dead, or been smacked by a dump truck, you might not know a simple fact:

When you're scared (primal fear) you don't only not think straight, you don't think right.  Trying to formulate a plan while you're scared out of your mind doesn't work.  You can be the smartest person on the planet and when that grease fire breaks out you throw water on it, or when you see that guy go down on a motorcycle you rush to get his helmet off (never do this), or you try and out run the person who's trying to hit you with a car (generally you can get over and slow down), or you start praying to recovery mode that you can get your computer back (call someone before inserting a recovery disk, it'll kill ya), or you think you can take just a little fire to get down a couple of burning stairs.

When you're terrified time slows down, you notice too much, your brain is going super fast and super slow at the same time.  You're getting message at the speed of light saying run, fight, try and reason with this thing or person or animal, you turn into a dumb reactionary with a hamster on meth at the controls screaming "let me out"

Something that does work is previously considered choices.  You may not be good in executing them but you probably are going to remember.  When you have at least a vague idea of what pre-terror you thought years ago in a random moment sitting reading a bunch of probably-never-happens you've at least got an idea of what choices you made then.  It's also not saying what you thought of doing a year or two ago was right, but at least it's a considered action from someone who was a lot less agitated than you are when terrified.

I've been on stage in front of 500 or so people with an improv group that never performed together (it was a daily made group at CIF 6) and was not all that good with each other and still didn't bomb because all of us remembered basic training.  Was not the greatest show but it was better than most non-established troupes that night.  I've also been on in front of 12 people and bombed.  At least when the going got tough I had something I could do rather than freezing.

I've come around an on-ramp riding a bike where the recommended speed was 60 and traffic was slamming to a halt around a pretty blind bend and remembered what they drill into you - bike up, wheel straight, apply brakes, don't lock, do what you have to.  Terrified me was screaming stop stop stop stop pull the brake now (while leaned over) (this would lead to the front of the bike going down and me on the ground). Yes, I've taken safety courses.

I've been going down a hill in a snowstorm and my ABS refused to stop the wheels from turning as it was registering a slip - down the hill into an intersection (cross traffic going 40).  I'd played enough in the snow and with ABS to know to pop the emergency/parking brake which finally slowed the car where the stupid ABS refused to.  Not something I had exactly prepared for but it was something I knew because I thought to myself "you know, I might need to drive in this crap some day, might as well learn everything about it:  Know your e-brake. Know how to stop when your brakes are not working.
No matter how much of a badass you think you are if you get hit hard in the throat you have roughly 6 seconds before you're useless from not being able to breathe/coughing and consuming more air than normal because you're in a fight.  Speaking of which pepper spray doesn't work well against your average crazy attacker.  Sure it hurts like bee stings and breathing fire, or like PCP or drug withdrawal.  Crazy takes more than jalapeno extract to dissuade.
The object of a reacting gun owner is to neutralize the threat.  Someone trained will fire at center mass until the person goes down.  There are roughly 30 people on the planet who in a guns-drawn situation can shoot to disarm / not kill - trick shots are for 1970's movies.  When your heart is beating at 150bpm and someone is attacking you it's a point and pull the trigger option.  Should you have a gun pointed at you for any reason, please understand that this object has stated several hundred words, among these are "stop", "if you come at me I will give you the gift of lead" and "why don't you drop your weapon and have a seat over there".  
The view of a police officer is if they are talking to you you are in some way a potential end to their life.  Routine traffic stops turn into dead police too often, and domestic disputes turn into the person who called for help attacking the police for taking away the person they called police on.  If a cop has stopped you mentioning they're fascist pigs, quotas, profiling etc gets you a ticket.
If a tire blows on your car and jerks you over, let off the gas and try to straighten the car, don't jerk to point it back into the correct direction immediately
If someone wants to steal your money, give it to them. It's not worth a fight / potential stabbing / shooting / beating.  Conversely don't carry several hundred dollars around.   If someone is in your house, you can assume the're a different level of crook.  The reason castle laws are in effect so many places is someone in your house is a whole different level of dangerous.

I don't think you can consider your "green" skills complete if you haven't ever repaired clothing. I realized I'm not quite fluent in the art of stichcraft, but I've fixed 3 things this week that were otherwise unusable. Also took a belt recently and made it smaller. 

If you don't know how to do something or how much it costs you're at the mercy of whoever you have to pay to fix it at 4am on a random Tuesday.  Or at the mechanics.  Etc.

People say they don't have the time to learn these things, or they have someone who does it for a reasonable price but they have no idea what other people charge, or make excuses that they don't need to know X.  But the time they don't take to learn something they have to work 5 times as much to pay someone to repair it.

If you don't have a plan for your money you'll notice shortly you have no money.

If you think you can get rich really quick, you're probably not understanding the situation fully.

We've seen recently what relatively minor things can disable cities, countries even.  In 8 years I've seen gas stations without gas, neighborhoods without power for days, food stores that had problems getting stuff in due to rain, snow, ice, flood, thousands of jobs disappear in a day due to rain, thousands in a day due to stupidity. We have people who were living paycheck to paycheck now at the streetcorners pushing the local homeless newspaper because their financial plan wasn't one.

And now, in the voice of Ali G, I say "preparedness, Aight?!?"
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Random thoughts, questions, are you prepared?

A few questions, musings and roughly $150 in supplies that if answered can prep you for lots of what life throws at you.

I started thinking about these things when I heard the most bullshit exploitive scare commercial for some alarm company in which a woman is on the phone with her husband and a burglar starts breaking in.  He tells her to hang up and call 911 and she bemoans the fact that the burglar is already in the house.  She stays on the line for some time while the announcer is talking about leaving your loved ones unprotected and after exploitive announcer gets done she says "I've got to get to the children" and the commercial ends.  The lying assumption is that with a security system the police would be right there to stop the burglar, but the fact is the security company will call you and ask if things are ok and then call the freaking cops, making a person with a security system slower to get the police than someone who had a brain and dialed 911.

Leaving someone with a security system thinking that's protection is worse than leaving them with nothing as at least with nothing you know you'll have to rely on yourself.

Your computer will die, the hard drive will lose all data on it. What will you do? (this is a WHEN by the way, not an IF)

You're going to run over a nail and blow out your tire. You want to wait for AAA for 3 hours? Do you have a way to charge your phone while you're waiting and the tow truck driver keeps calling because he can't find you? Changing a tire takes 5 minutes to do, 8 minutes to learn.

You're going to need a fire extinguisher and First Aid Kit and jumper cables / jumper battery at some point.

Your cell phone is going to lose signal and not be able to call for help.

Have a plan - live on the second floor?  What will you do when the first floor catches fire and the only exit is the stairs and they're on fire?  Do you think you can survive a 1 floor drop unharmed or do you think that $20 is a decent price to pay for a roll-away escape ladder?

You're out and your clothes get totally muddy.

A pit bull attacks you or someone you love, do you know what to do to get it to release (hint, beating on it makes it clamp down harder)
Your heat goes out in the winter and they can't get to you for days

Toilet starts overflowing and just keeps on going with sewage backup coming up the line.

Water pipe breaks and is flooding your room - how are you going to stop it?

A small fire starts in your engine (perhaps a gas line breaks) - as noted before, the fire department will always take at least 20 minutes to get to you unless you crash a block away in which case you're probably looking at 5-7 minutes from call to arrival.

That brownie you ate was special, and as you're feeling the effects now there's no use in throwing it up.

You've been out partying, the clubs closing down, you say your goodbyes and realize your car won't start and your phone has been dead for 2 hours but it didn't matter as you were out with friends.

You realize that person breaking into your house is going to rape, kill, do bad things to you.  Police are 20 minutes away if you're lucky.  Actually, anyone breaking into your house you can sort of assume they 1: know you're there, 2: are not of a mind to leave if asked, 3: will assume that if they don't stop you they are going to jail for a really long time where they will be raped, killed, or bad things happen to them.  It's a really stupid non-violent burglar that doesn't know the house has people in it.

You're in a fight with a person intent on doing you harm, where do you target (throat, eyes) - if someone's juiced up on something chances are they're not going to feel pain of whacking their nards, throat will cause them to have trouble breathing, eyes will keep them from seeing you.

Someone has a gun pointed at you, you have a knife.  Put the knife down and do what mr 45 says.  The 5 step rule applies ONLY if you know how to knife fight.

You have a fake gun and they have a knife.  Put the fake gun down and tell them it's fake or you're looking at them getting stabby instantly.  A gun elevates a situation to real instantly, and if your gun doesn't fire you're looking at someone who has just gone into flight or fight mode, they will most likely be physically incapable of listening to what you have to say.

Do not whack a man on the nose unless you're attempting to kill him.  Nosewhacking turns violent people to enraged violent people.  Conversely if a bear is going to kill you whack the shit out its nose and go for the eyes.  Bears are not great muggers.

Learn how to drive in the snow.  You may never need to, but you might. You can drive in most situations by going slowly, braking way before you normally would.
Wipers cost $20 for a pair, whacking into a dumbass kid who ran out in the street while it's raining and you didn't see because your wipers were smudging the water cost a lot more.
Think you can fight or hold your own against someone who's been planning how to attack you?  Run.  The person is on something, or crazy, either way they're probably not feeling pain and will push the limits.
So you've vowed non-violence in any circumstances, what do you do when the crazy guy who doesn't speak the language is killing you? The people you love?

You come back home and your door is open.
Power just went out, where's your flashlight.

Cat / dog is choking on a thing, do you know the all-night emergency vet? Know that some hospitals will help?

Your purse/wallet is stolen, got the numbers of all the card places handy?

You walk out of your front door and the wind picks up slamming it locked behind you.

Out with a friend who drives a stick shift and you've never bothered to learn.  You have to get them to a hospital.  Think you can drive a stick under pressure?  A new stick driver is bad enough as it is without added pressure of an emergency. 

In a car wreck hanging upside down, belt is locked and car is of course on fire, do you have any idea how you're going to remove the belt since it is locked, and will not release at the buckle with pressure on it?

Speaking of car wrecks - at the point you are in a head-on collision, all that stuff you threw in the back seat will lift up and hit you in the back of the head at whatever speed you were going.  Watch some wreck videos - shit become airborne, it doesn't just go forward.  Probably due to the front of the car diving down.

In a wreck, where'd your cell phone go and at what speed?  Expect it to still work?

In a wreck that damages your car battery - goodbye onstar.

Under federal surveillance (wire tap) and have onstar and in a wreck?  Too bad for you. 

You're driving along and your car shows it's overheating and the heater suddenly stops working.

You come up to a motorcycle wreck, person is in full faced helmet and laying on their back.

You're in a snowstorm/rain/dark of night, GPS tells you to get off the main road and take this quick back road.  (never trust a GPS by itself)

So far I've been in the second story fire drill, 2 times arrived at an engine fire with an extinguisher, been confronted by a batshit crazy attacker once, had the front door open, been called to a friend's house when the police wouldn't show to investigate an alarm, driven hundreds of miles in the snow, arrived second at a motorcycle crash, knew where my flashlight was, had sewer back up, pipes burst, computers die, water pumps break, door locked behind me, had the dead car in the parking lot at 3am with no phone, had a loaded gun pointed at me by a friend who was off his meds, ate the laced candy, blown out a heater in -2 degree temps
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My little guide to evo rooting / kernel / ROM upgrades

Since there're a ton of guides out there that are non-specific, outdated or whatever, here's what I learned.  As a note, this does void your warranty, and if you brick your phone, well its your own damn fault... don't yell at me...

1) root the phone - go to - don't expect to use your phone for 10 minutes after you start rooting it.

2) download ROM Manager and Superuser (if unrevoked did not install it)

3) make a nandroid backup in rom manager (go to rom manager, backup current rom, it should then reboot and spend about 8-10 minutes backing up your ROM.  If it doesn't / just goes back to rebooting normally, repeat step 3 a couple of times... sometimes it takes me 2-3 times to get it to start.  If you royally screw up a rom, you can just restore from the nandroid menu - it's basically a snapshot of your phone at that point.

4) go find your favorite rom and perhaps a kernel.  Personally I use the Sprint Lovers ROM and the Netarchy kernel, but everyone's got their deal.  Download these on a computer.  Do not download them on your phone. 

5) test the archives... generally this means double clicking and whatever archive manager pops up should have a "test" button.  Most of these ROM developers use free hosting sites such as Megaupload, and I do not know how this is possible, but in 2011 we've got major sites that can send corrupted downloads.  I've softbricked a phone due to a CRC error in a file.

6) if you've got the option, download the standalone and the update files.  Place both in the root folder of your phone's SD card (one will be called PC36IMG.ZIP or somesuch).  This will give you freedom to choose if something screws up and you're doing a standalone update

7) backup #2 - titanium backup - if you have time, get this and back up all your user apps and data.. if you don't care about any of your program data, ignore this step.

8) appbrain app market - download,  set up account, sync with appbrain.  This way if you lose everything and step 7 fails and step 3 fails you still know what all of your programs were - you can install them all later via appbrain.

Your phone is ready for a new rom... if you're going from one rom to another (such as if you are on Sprint's stock rom, and you're going to Sprintlovers ROM) I suggest you flash the all-in-one, set up your gmail association, download titanium backup from the market, and restore your apps & data.  You can try flashing the standalone, it *might* work fine, but if you have any issues they'll be weird ones that most likely will be solved by the standalone version.

Your options here to flash a new rom

STANDALONE - it's only the ROM, not the radio, wimax, prl.  This is usually used if you want to try upgrading.  Turn your phone off, press and hold the volume down button, press and hold the power button, you should get to a screen with a few options.  you use up and down vol to navigate.  If it asks if you want to lash pc36img after reading a large file, no, don't, and don't reboot.

You want to go to Advanced and clean/wipe the Dalvik Cache, then find something that says clean/wipe/format cache partition.  It'll give you warnings that it cannot be undone... that's fine - even if you decide you don't want to upgrade at this stage clearing these and formatting those will do nothing.  You may also want to wipe battery stats if you see that option, but that can be done later if you have any issue.

Go choose install zip from SD card, choose zip, navigate to your rom of choice (do not choose, that is not a standalone) - choose it, it'll pop up asking if you want to install, say yes.  It will take ~5 minutes to install and look like it's locked up when it's writing the SYSTEM files, after that it will return you to the menu, exit and choose reboot, when the phone starts booting WALK AWAY... it will look like it's locked up for the next 8-10 minutes.  Staying near the phone will cause time to slow down and panic to set in.  Don't worry, if you made a nandroid backup you can restore that if this doesn't work.

There, it worked right as you were writing a letter saying your phone was bricked to someone, didn't it?  I told you to walk away... it's the longest reboot ever...

ALL-IN-ONE - generally this will wipe out any data not on the SD card, so make sure your backups are good or you're cool with losing a little data to get a clean fresh install just like the developer planned it.  For this number, turn off the phone, press vol down and hold, press power and hold, should pop up with a recovery menu in a second and you'll notice up and down don't work - you'll then see it checking for a few files, pc36img being one of them... if you've got that on your card, it will read through it.  I do not know why it reads through the whole file without bothering to test whether the archive is good, but this may take a minute.

When it asks if you want to flash it, say yes.  Bam... reboot when it's done... as above, walk away from the phone for a bit... this will be the longest reboot your phone ever takes.

Assuming this worked, set up your gmail associations, download titanium backup from the market, use it to restore all your apps and data.

Getting a new kernel

Find yourself a kernel that does what you what it to do... Kings and Netarchy are some decent ones... the kernel is the program that runs everything, a good one can make your phone go a lot faster and a lot longer.  To change out the kernel do a nandroid backup (step 3), reboot into recovery (power off, volume down (hold) power button (hold))  - I suggest you wipe the dalvik cache and cache partition as described in the standalone install.  Don't worry, it's not going to lose any data.  it just makes sure when your system boots up it recreates commonly used data.

flash that zip by choosing install zip from SD card, choose what to install, locate your kernel you downloaded, flash, reboot, you've got a new kernel.


So you flashed, perhaps got an error in a zip file or maybe the software just did not work and now you're left with a non-functioning $500 paperweight.  Reboot into recovery (power phone off, hold down volume down, hold down power) get to the nandroid menu (can't tell you the steps, it's there somewhere) and choose to restore a backup.  The backup you made (you did make a backup didn't you?) is probably in sdcard\clockworkmod\backups and is named whatever date you backed it up, unless you changed the name.  Restore that... it'll take a bit, but your phone will pop out looking like it did when you made that backup.


Take the battery out of the EVO - this does not require any tools - if you're using tools or force STOP.  Underneath the battery is a little black MicroSD card.  You're going to remove that carefully - as in stop shaking walk a bit and come back and realize there's a latch for it somewhere if it's not popping out smoothly. You're going to take that SD card out, pick the ALL-IN-ONE version of the rom you like, and you're going to write that file to that microsd card.  You may have to locate someone with a microsd writer, laptop with the port, adapter or whatever... the adapters are generally $8-14 and most new laptops can handle a microsd so you should be able fairly easily to locate one.  Put the file on there, take the microsd out, place it carefully back in your phone, put the batter in behind it, close the lid and repeat the all-in-one step.


Some combos of ROMs, kernels, programs and Evo hardware, have problems.  Test the thing out before you invest a lot of time in customizing it. Does your 4g work? Can you make a phone call? Does the camera work?  Does the screen sort of look like it's dying? Etc... I've had kernels that made the screen and camera crash, they had to be replaced. ROMs that the standalone just didn't quite work and I had to re-flash, etc... don't put too much time into setting your icons up like you like them till you know the thing is stable
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Things I think you need to know

Every now and then I want people to know something... here're the things I recently want people to know


Get jumper cables ($5) or a jumper battery ($40-80w/inflator) - if your car won't start, unless someone comes to help you and they have that, you're out of luck.  Cars generally don't start when your cell phone is out of juice, they can sense it.

If you don't know how to change a tire you are completely at the mercy of attempting to explain where you are in unfamiliar territory to someone while you're lost.  Tires go out when you don't know where you are - rule of life.

AAA will get to you, but t will take them an hour and a half *if* they know where you are.

If you get into an accident and do not have your cell phone secured, your cell phone will be broken or the battery will have popped out.  When I drive my cell phone is generally where if I were in a collision the cell phone is not going to travel much.  it at least had a better chance of not being a projectile weapon.  Imagine your car gets knocked on the right side where your cell phone would be.

Fire extinguisher - I do not know how to stress how important it is to have $20 fire extinguisher in your car.  Even if you want to dismiss this as "oh well, insurance will pay for my car and contents" (it won't) - think about "oh shit, I just hit someone because of something not my fault and now there are people in that car trapped upside down unable to get out and the car is on fire".  Recently I stopped a car that rammed into a telephone switch from burning up / taking the switch and pole behind it with it, and had I been going slower 3 days ago would have stopped an SUV from exploding on 440 and them closing a bridge down for a bit.

Energy efficiency

On an HE washing machine, completely loading it to the point there is no room wastes electricity and water.  These machines use the power of clothes tumbling onto themselves to clean them (dash the dirt out)

Conversely or in conjunction with (it's 2am, I don't know any more) loading a dryer up with too much stuff causes the clothes to not dry because they need to tumble somewhat freely in order to let the evaporative dry air kiss their wet clean goodness.

A lot of stuff in the fridge/freezer means the fridge has to work less hard to maintain the cold, however too much stuff to where the vents at the back are blocked means it has to work excessively hard and will probably end up with frozen coils and melted goodies.

The octane rating your car suggests is what the engine is set for.  If your car calls for high grade, that's what it's going to get the best efficiency at (unless you've done some tuning) - if it calls for low grade you'll get worse MPG by putting in high grade.

Your power adapters take juice - always - unplug when you're not using them.  They don't use much but they do use some.

If it's 66f and 5% humidity you will be cold if it's 101f and 5% humidity you won't be dying.  If it's 66f and 40% humidity you will probably be cool but not cold, 101f and 40% humidity and you will be dying.  Heaters and coolers (air conditioning is both) sap the humidity from the room.  For cooling this works out well, for heating this means you're putting a lot more heat in the room than you need to be warm and you're drying out your sinuses.  Boiling some water or getting a humidifier will lower what you need to heat and save your sinuses.
heating bills

Leave heating/cooling on constantly or let it go up and down?  There is no one answer.  A long time ago when one of my tenant's electric bill was out of what an AC company person told me there was an answer, which was a total lie.  There're a lot of factors and to understnad you have to think of this in more than one paragraph.

Imagine you have a fire - this fire puts off a lot of heat, but you have no walls around you - the instant you stop the fire the heat goes away.  This is not the case when you have walls around you, the heat is held in - there's something called an R-factor which tells how much heat is held in (if I remember correctly). 

So, let's say it's 50f degrees out and you have a heat source putting off 60 heat per hour... 60 of what I don't know, just go with me.  You want to get home and it be 70 degrees. Your R rating means you lose ~10 degrees an hour when it's 50f out, we'll say this means 10 of whatever that 60 was.  You're gone for 8 hours and to keep the heat there it has taken 80 whatevers. It takes you at 50f outside 1 whatever to increase the temp 1 degree (this is the L rating) - if you had let the internal temp drop to 50 and raised it back to 70 when you got home you would have spent 20 whatevers instead of 80 whatevers.

However, if your R to L ratio is you don't lose much heat but it takes an assload of energy to raise the temp a degree, then the opposite applies.

I did tests a while back, my house if it's 30f outside will go from 70 to 45 in 12 hours.  It takes ~50 cents an hour to heat at 30 degrees ($360 a month heating) if I let the interior temp drop to 55 degrees while I'm gone (roughly 9 hours of the day) it only takes about 37 cents and 15 minutes to re-heat the place (which is 24.5 cents spent to save 1.80 a day... or $54 a month).

The lower your R value (insulation of walls) the more savings you'll get from letting the temp drop.  Different rules apply to commercial buildings.  If you think I'm wrong, go to the mirror and insult yourself and get indignant.

A savings of 3 cents per gallon is worth driving approx  1.5 miles if your car needs 10 gallons of gas and gets 30mpg.  You will completely neutralize the savings, but may make an economic impact.  Any further and you're wasting resources.

Almost all companies buy gas from the same distributors.  Shell and BP and Exxon add their own special voodoo chemicals and corn oil (10% ethanol, which makes your mph worse and engine run hotter which produces more hydrocarbons).  There's no real difference except with companies that say they do not use ethanol.

Ethanol is not a bad product, there are reasons to use it, and times to use it, the legislation and the technology do not mesh correctly.
People who get mad at you over a political choice most likely think their side is different from your side.  In general politicians are about the same, the rhetoric is different but whatever.
That's all I have for tonight
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Why I do the things I do to my phone

A couple of days ago, in a panic I was working hard to recover my phone and realized I had lost the battle after installing a ROM that was incompatible and my backup image rom was corrupted (it was corrupted on the server I got it from).  Kim asked me why I risk losing my phone on a near daily basis and I realized this was something I had never attempted to explain.

I explained it poorly as "they gave me a phone that lasts 6 hours without charge.  I know it can last 44." but even with that explanation I realized that barely covered the reasons.

Since a child I've always been able to take things apart and fix them, or alternately know when I can't.  I was given a 50-n-1 when I was too little to remember and later had a 250-n-1 from Radio shack and did about all that I cared to do with it - blinking lights, metal detector, radio, zinc "on hold"

When I was in my teens I started writing a BBS with a friend of mine.  We had seen pretty much every BBS there was out there and thought "this could be done better"... we designed a mostly functional system that ran like a beat cheetah, but then I ran out of computer power at some point and recompiling was taking hours and with no money for a better machine I moved on as it became a situation where I could not do anything.

I went to college and excelled in programming... well, excelled in what I was interested in doing in programming.  There were a lot of things I cared little for... such as things that had to be submitted to a mainframe via floppy disk in a sperry computer transmitted via 300 baud modem to the other side where it would sit in a queue of other programs and finally run and print out on huge sheets of paper that were handed back to you by a pissed off computer operator who had to stop a printer fire for the 18th time that year.  But micro programming I was a pretty happy with.

I did C, pascal, assembler, basic, and most of the visual varieties of these languages, dbase, sql, access, etc.  One of the things I really enjoyed doing was taking programs I wrote and adapting them to do a lot more than they were supposed to do.  The assignments were usually pretty straight forward and geared toward people who were just learning the structure of the language at that point (usually within a day or two I had the structure and most of the commands down).  A lot of the assignments I could get done while we were going over in class how to do them as I had already written a bunch of the code and could just paste it in and modify.

And somehow I ended up modifying Windows... I don't know how that happened... all i remember is one of the paying gigs I got was modifying a boot sequence for windows machines that were being produced en mass by a company to show their logo, boot, hit the desktop, then start loading some of the applications (at the time of this windows started everything all at once so basically you sat there while 36 programs fought to start at the same time).  I'd trim the fat off of the Windows 98 OS, make minor tweaks, and basically turn out a computer that for all intents and purposes was the same as X but ran 30% faster.

Somehow this lead into me being in charge of assembling a large number of computers.  It was taking on average 3 hours per computer at that point for build, OS loadup, driver install and testing meaning you were lucky to get 4 done a day.  By poking around and changing a few things I created a system that we built 56 computers in a day for an event with 2 techs and 2 non-techs.  51 of them worked.  That was all we needed.

I chipped my car, which involved taking the computer out of it and changing it to a new programmed rom.  Changed out a few parts that would give it better gas mileage and more power.  Tweaked it to compensate for being a Volkswagen.

At my current job we used to have a vendor whose every solution was to throw more money and hardware at a problem.  He saw a rack of computers with 1 database server and it was slow and he thought "well, we'll buy a $40,000 database server that's a lot faster".  I looked at a rack of computers with 1 overworked database server and wondered if we couldn't just move some of the unused data off .  When our company had millions of members but only 1 in 20 was active it seemed the obvious choice - archive them and put them somewhere else.  When we needed terrabytes of storage and the largest hard drive out there was 200 gigabytes he wanted an $80,000 media server and I said I could do it for $8000... I was off by $2000 and the thing came in at $6000.

All the time I took what I was given and made it better, either by rewriting things, changing the order of things, or changing the question or adding on to it.

So now I have this phone.  It is cool.  It's the only phone I've ever actually liked after a few days.  It plays movies, it has the internet.  It does all sorts of neat things.  One of the things it says it does and is advertised as doing is wi-fi hotspot.  It's right there in the manual.  And you know what the carrier did?  They broke the phone and made it so you have to have a $30 a month contract to run Wifi Hotspot.

Now, if that were not enough, wifi hotspot that comes with the OS burns your battery up in about 2-3 hours.  Someone wrote a replacement for it that runs significantly better.  The carrier blocked it.  Ok, that's one thing...

The phone, which really is awesome, is also mandated to run Amazon MP3 as a task.. I have not, as of yet, ever used Amazon MP3 or know why I would want it, or a football application, constantly running and slowing the phone down.

To the end of all of this, the phone advertises a 5-hour talk time, however that could only be achieved if you took the phone off the charger and immediately made a call and were sitting right next to the cell tower.  This may be an exaggeration.

I got a bigger badder battery for the phone. It basically made my 6 hour phone into a 15 hour phone.  I did not like the direction I had to go as to me this looked exactly like the database server problem, I had just thrown hardware at it as the fastest easiest solution.  I started researching things I could do and one day when I had had enough I rooted my phone.  I'd had it with the carrier's making me run 6 apps I didn't need to, limiting my unlimited data plan (unlimited definition changed while I was in contract from unlimited to limited, not kidding), and the phone needing to be slave to a charger pretty much constantly.

The rooting was painless, if scary and I now had the ability to turn off some of the bloatware that came with the system.  I still did not have wireless tether or any additional battery life, but it was a start.  I discovered on removing a bunch of the garbage that came with the phone that I was now able to remove that the phone ran a lot faster and the battery life went up... not massively, but I had an average of another hour and a half to 2...

I got a replacement for wireless tether, used it for 5 minutes, was happy and have never used it again... but now I have it.

Upgraded the ROM as the carrier was not going to upgrade my phone to a newer kernel that had significantly better reported battery life... the new kernel/rom was written for slightly newer versions of my phone with different cameras and screens, but it was completely retro-useful.  It gave me another hour also.

I began researching various things, discovering that if you have an EVO there're an amazing number of combinations of hardware that are in them.  Each has its own drivers / specially designed software / etc.  So after a little research I flashed a custom rom that was very close to the default, the main difference being a lot of tweaks that made it run like a scalded pig without burning any more battery...

After that I discovered that there was a kernel replacement that would allow me to underclock it when it was doing nothing important...

Each little step... man, I gotta jet and fix a busted computer... so much for finishing up this entry...
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my work hell (thanks sony and costco)

for a month now I've been besieged by my boss's home computer.  It has a blown out hard drive.  This is the type of thing I change out on a regular basis, normally no big deal.  This however is a Sony Vaio, and this is my story thus far... writing it down because I don't think we'll ever see the computer again honestly...

1 month ago his computer starts locking up.  I get over there, look about, it appears a drive may be failing so I get a complete backup set and running.  Drive fails... for some reason the computer has two hard drives in it, I go ahead and move the partition over to the second drive and order a replacement.  I order a replacement because being in the industry I know that the time it takes me to replace a drive is probably significantly less than dealing with dumbasses in tech support.

Order another drive, his secondary drive starts failing, have him turn it off and I go over when the drive appears in a couple of days and copy the partition off to an external drive and then go to take the external and put it in the machine.  I then find out this does not work the way a normal machine would as it's a sony wall-mount all in one... I am unable to get anything unscrewed and only the secondary hard drive is even accessible without taking the entire thing apart.

Grudgingly I call Costco concierge services and start the process to get someone out to fix it or something.  After 1 hour and 50 minutes of the most insane runaround I've ever heard of, the call is complete and I feel like I will never advise anyone to even think that Costco concierge is going to speed things up any (honestly I think I would have been better off by an hour having skipped them entirely and gone directly to Sony).  We set everything up, the repair technician is supposed to get the parts in 2 days and call me to schedule a service call for my boss's machine.

2 days later my boss gets a call from a tech saying he will be out shortly.  I call the tech who realizes that Sony shipped him a disk for recovering the operating system and not the two replacement hard drives they needed to ship.  What follows is a week of calling and 3 levels of ineffectual costco elevations in which nobody ever contacted me or my boss. 

Costco gets sony on the line at some point and they say these hard drives do not exist / on back order and they're going to ship a box so we can send it to the san fran repair facility.  I ask what good will it do in San Fran if you don't have the parts, they ignore that and send it anyway.  I tell them that it seems incredibly wasteful to ship a computer out to wait in another state when they have already agreed to dispatch a tech here.  But whatever, I'm at 4 hours at this point dealing with Costco + sony lockheads.

The next day I call Costco to speak withh one of these managers it's been elevated to and the entry level person says that the notes indicated the product was shipped finally and to not send the machine back in the box... ok... Friday, sat, sun pass on Monday the tech calls and says finally the parts are here.

We all meet up at the boss's house, he opens the package, and not two, but 1 drive is there.  The tech tries to tell me it's unlikely that both drives failed, I give him the straight poop on drive issues and how many you can expect to fail in the same set within a month of each other... I tell him to change out the drive with the SMART failure (the internal one I could not get to) and I would just replace the second drive with the 2tb drive I had backed things up to... he says ok..

And then we find out that they manufactured the thing and stripped the screws out, which means the entire back of the system is going to have to be broken off just because the numbnuts who made the machine used power tools and lock-tite and basically cemented the machine shut.  Local tech can't break the thing to fix it / his company is subcontracted and really not to blame.

So it got mailed off today, I do not really expect to see it again.  I'm once again reminded that I will never believe a brand name means anything other than an extended level of hassle.

Sony, I expected it from, but Costco, I expected better... over 2 weeks of nonstop idiocy now...