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Oscar breakdown 2013

As of yet I have not seen Amour or Life of Pi, but that will be remedied shortly.

Argo - good, but it's a movie where people go from point A to Z, not a lot of character development, not a lot of caring involved for these people. This happened, and I knew how it ended before I walked in the theater.

Zero Dark Thirty - see Argo. Enjoyable, but I have no idea who any of these people were. Also knew the ending.

Beasts of the Southern Wild - I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel about this, the kid was a good actor but the entire thing just seemed kind of a mishmash between a kid living in a homeless camp and a dash of Where the Wild Things Are, but without much going on. Kind in camp, dad's nuts, dad gets sick, there are some CGI pigs, roll credits. What did I learn?

Django Unchained - I enjoyed this movie, I'd probably re-watch it, but sometimes I wanted to slap the actors for the seemingly non-stop verbal parade... sometimes it was great. Eh, not the greatest, not the worst, and not as controversial as I think it was supposed to be. Good movie though.

Lincoln - Don't know. It just felt like "this is what happened" and I didn't figure out why it happened. These characters popped in and already were set in their actions and backstory and, sometimes I just wanted to see why this person became a dick, or why this one was so concerned. I mean there was one throwaway in the final minutes for the Tommy Lee Jones character, but ... meh

Silver Linings Playbook - this movie - I felt it could have been a chick flick, a rom com, a sports movie, a story about losing your mind when you lost your love, or about dealing with mentally ill parents. It probably could have done any of these well. It tried to do all of them and ended up undermining the growing attraction between the leads and trivializing the parental insanity. meh

Les Mis - I'm one of the few people who has never seen the play version of this. I had one moment of amazement during the movie, one moment of nearly being moved to tears, but that ... dunno... I had one, and it was early on, and then I just lost it. I felt like there were things missing, I understand it's a musical and much of it is just explained away in the lyrics, but it seemed like there at least needed to be some poignant pauses for some of the character development.
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