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Thoughts of the day

Saw a blimp floating around work today... I want a movie, black and white, dystopian past-future with globalists flaring down Tesla death rays to helpless populace below. Grand blind to blimp battles, as though they were ships, secret fortresses hidden in mountains, a stereotypical hero with plucky sidekicks, the hero ending up biting it and the sidekicks save the day. Yup, it's a daydreaming kind of day.

Have spent some time this month figuring out what I want to do. I've decided for stress's sake, I'm selling one of my houses. It's not a bad house, it's I'm overextended and it's not really making bank... it makes enough, but - meh, if I could be 100K less in debt, I'd jump at it. So I decided that's that - would rather have one less potential disaster going on. House renters seem to be significantly different than apartment renters anyway. So if anyone wants to buy a reasonably priced house with lots of newness about it, drop me a line.

I had a dream that me and Chris Foggin went on a motorcycle ride to Wisconsin to see the Grand Canyon... yes, I know it's not there, part of the dream was that we were going to see the Grand Canon from Robotech and it was there, don't ask... I don't claim my dreams make much sense.  Woke up determined to locate all info about motorcycle rental.

Rode the bike in today, glad once again that I look through cars to what is in front of them as opposed to looking at the car in front of me. They didn't see that traffic went from 75 to stopped. The car in front of them didn't, nor the car in front of them. Lots of screeching and perhaps an impact, but nothing that stopped them from moving (perhaps to stop, perhaps I just heard a load shift, who knows).

Had a week in which a friend did something really stupid that I'm not going into. Should any of my friends be about to do anything stupid, please let me know so I can slap you.

Something from the remnants of the juice diet - I dig most juices now. Except turnip greens... I hate those.. BLARGH... hoping spinich has similar nutrients. Also decided I do not care if I'm losing 20% of juice potential by storing it 2-3 days - I'm gaining an hour of juicing and cleanup by doing it only twice a week. Rawr!

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