mildlydisturbed (mildlydisturbed) wrote,

Juicing day 5

Weighing in at 223, 8 pound loss in 5 days, I have a feeling it will be somewhere around 10 by the end of the day but not going into details on that one.

Tomorrow I have to break the juice fast, which is annoying as I'm finally able to operate on it. Got a bike ride 20-30 miles and will not have the energy even if I had double the energy I do now... it's short, bursts of energy, can't maintain on the juice yet.

Looks like people who are at day 10+ generally have a leveled out energy, but I'm going to eat some in the morning so I don't pass out while biking. I think for purposes of what I set into this to do I'm not going to kick myself over eating some peanut butter or something.

I am weak, but luckily I do not have to do a lot of physical activity at the moment, so the fast has been going well.

Amazed at how 10 pounds difference feels on the knees.

Brain's at about 66%, physical at ~30% - I honestly think I might faint if I did my normal workout at the moment. However, might try it in a couple of hours as I think I could stand a little exercise and the gym is a fairly safe rubberized place.
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