June 24th, 2013

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My experience with a company called JC Prestige

JC Prestige is a company located in Nashville that does handyman work that contacted me on a craigslist ad where I had posted that I needed a company that I was not going to have to chase around and wonder if the job was done. I've had three times I used them, and here's what happened:

Job 1: fix a ceiling.
Met the people, was told ceiling would be done that day. Two days later I heard it was done. All in all satisfied, although a bit off about having to find out that it was not done as I expected. Meh, it happens.

Job 2: clearing out a bird nest, patching hole so birds couldn't get back in the house.
Person shows up, leaves.
Tenants contact me a couple of days later asking if it's done
I contact the company, they say they'll contact the person
I believe nine days after the job was started a new man shows up and fixes it. I got a call that he wanted paid. I met with someone new and paid them $100 for basically cutting a triangle piece of wood and moving a bird's nest.
Not too good

Job 3: I show the C of JC Prestige (and a guy named Angel) a job at one of my properties.This involves fixing a kitchen floor in apartment 3. I was out of town, am told that it was finished, due to me being out I believe them when they say it's done and pay $800 for a floor fix.

I talk to the tenant the next day, and no it's not fixed and he hasn't seen them.

They'd fixed a much less severe issue in another apartment.

I contacted them, am told the thing will be resolved. Contact again and am told the guy who's going to resolve it is in Hawaii getting married but it'll be resolved Tuesday. Tuesday comes and goes and the next Monday I contact them again and mention my lawyer and get a call that C had forgotten to tell J that this was an issue and that someone will be out Wednesday to look at it.

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