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My experience with a company called JC Prestige

JC Prestige is a company located in Nashville that does handyman work that contacted me on a craigslist ad where I had posted that I needed a company that I was not going to have to chase around and wonder if the job was done. I've had three times I used them, and here's what happened:

Job 1: fix a ceiling.
Met the people, was told ceiling would be done that day. Two days later I heard it was done. All in all satisfied, although a bit off about having to find out that it was not done as I expected. Meh, it happens.

Job 2: clearing out a bird nest, patching hole so birds couldn't get back in the house.
Person shows up, leaves.
Tenants contact me a couple of days later asking if it's done
I contact the company, they say they'll contact the person
I believe nine days after the job was started a new man shows up and fixes it. I got a call that he wanted paid. I met with someone new and paid them $100 for basically cutting a triangle piece of wood and moving a bird's nest.
Not too good

Job 3: I show the C of JC Prestige (and a guy named Angel) a job at one of my properties.This involves fixing a kitchen floor in apartment 3. I was out of town, am told that it was finished, due to me being out I believe them when they say it's done and pay $800 for a floor fix.

I talk to the tenant the next day, and no it's not fixed and he hasn't seen them.

They'd fixed a much less severe issue in another apartment.

I contacted them, am told the thing will be resolved. Contact again and am told the guy who's going to resolve it is in Hawaii getting married but it'll be resolved Tuesday. Tuesday comes and goes and the next Monday I contact them again and mention my lawyer and get a call that C had forgotten to tell J that this was an issue and that someone will be out Wednesday to look at it.

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TheITBaby - A little experiment I'm working on

I've been working on a site for a while now, learning a lot of new skills such as managing an Apache web server, wrangling WordPress, managing what the Googs sees, writin' and also producing somewhat baby-centric articles focused on technology and some of my geekier passions.

If you're still paying any attention to my LiveJournal any more, head on over and see what I'm working on at The I.T. Baby. Chances are I'll keep doodling over there to learn more and you'll get to see pics of my spawn when she finally gets here (any freaking day now).

Also, if you're not following me on Twitter or G+ these days, that's where I hang my hat. You can also catch my normal writing gig over at Pocketables where I write about Android devices.
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Why gun advocates can't win the mass shooter argument, and why the data is a lie

So, we're currently in an America where there was recently a school shooter who killed 20+ children and teacher, a mall shooter killed two and shot three in Oregon, a crazy guy who shot a bus driver and is holding a kid hostage in a bunker, and there was a nutjob in a movie theater who killed a bunch of people.

Oh, as a note, I'm only writing about this because the question is ticking me off. My thoughts on gun control are my own, and probably would surprise you. My thoughts on media (either side) manipulation are another thing, and that is what this is about.

So, let's begin.

The left wants all guns outlawed, or guns with pointy bits, or background checks, or whatever they want, the right wants more people, babies, woodland creatures armed with guns to prevent these lone psychopaths. Each solution is the diametric opposite of the other, and neither is right in my opinion, but that's not what I'm writing about.

Right now the current left statement is that no mass shooting has ever been stopped by a lone armed civilian. This is correct. Keep reading though.

Gun advocates will also say that plenty of mass shootings have been stopped by civilian armed. This is also correct.

There's a statistic floating around by the gun side saying average mass shooting stopped by cops: 14+something dead. Average mass shooting stopped by individuals carrying firearms 2.7. This is technically a lie, but it is the truth as far as I can tell.

How can all of that that be? Well here's the thing. A mass shooting involves 4 or more people being shot and (presumably) killed. If you're looking for incidents in which mass shootings have been stopped, this means that 4 people had to be shot, and they had to be shot in one set of shootings, not over multiple instances.

If a potential killer loads up 40000 rounds of ammo and goes to an event where he knows very few people will be armed, a civilian with a firearm sees this and engages in a firefight and stops or kills the person who would have murdered hundreds with nobody else killed or shot, the armed civilian has not stopped a mass shooting, the armed civilian has stopped a potential shooter. The would-be mass-murderer wasn't, and so the statistic that a civilian stopped a mass murderer or made a difference never changes.

If the armed civilian were aiming at changing that statistic, he could sit out and wait until 4 people were laying dead and then bring the murderer down. Only at that point would an armed civilian have stopped a mass shooting/murderer. By definition.

This is where the problem is and this is why so many people thing the other side is lying when they're not. Yesterday, it took me twenty seconds to find two armed civilian stories that involved them stopping the rape and murder of over 4 people. There was also another story, which appeared a bit biased, in which an armed gunman intent on killing as many as possible was brought down with only one death other than his own. In both instances, by definition, the armed civilian has not stopped a mass shooter or a mass murderer... he has however stopped a potential mass murder.

So yeah, right and left media are lying and the consumers of this media are being fed biased misinformation. The question to look at is: Are armed civilians stopping potential mass murderers - in which case you'll need to be a bit subjective and determine if the person stopped possessed the capacity to kill a lot of people.

And I'm not going to try and answer that, I'm just saying that's the question. Anything else is stupid.

So yeah, get your data straight, then argue one way or the other. Don't throw broken statistics. Once your argument is there, get back to it.
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Oscar breakdown 2013

As of yet I have not seen Amour or Life of Pi, but that will be remedied shortly.

Argo - good, but it's a movie where people go from point A to Z, not a lot of character development, not a lot of caring involved for these people. This happened, and I knew how it ended before I walked in the theater.

Zero Dark Thirty - see Argo. Enjoyable, but I have no idea who any of these people were. Also knew the ending.

Beasts of the Southern Wild - I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel about this, the kid was a good actor but the entire thing just seemed kind of a mishmash between a kid living in a homeless camp and a dash of Where the Wild Things Are, but without much going on. Kind in camp, dad's nuts, dad gets sick, there are some CGI pigs, roll credits. What did I learn?

Django Unchained - I enjoyed this movie, I'd probably re-watch it, but sometimes I wanted to slap the actors for the seemingly non-stop verbal parade... sometimes it was great. Eh, not the greatest, not the worst, and not as controversial as I think it was supposed to be. Good movie though.

Lincoln - Don't know. It just felt like "this is what happened" and I didn't figure out why it happened. These characters popped in and already were set in their actions and backstory and, sometimes I just wanted to see why this person became a dick, or why this one was so concerned. I mean there was one throwaway in the final minutes for the Tommy Lee Jones character, but ... meh

Silver Linings Playbook - this movie - I felt it could have been a chick flick, a rom com, a sports movie, a story about losing your mind when you lost your love, or about dealing with mentally ill parents. It probably could have done any of these well. It tried to do all of them and ended up undermining the growing attraction between the leads and trivializing the parental insanity. meh

Les Mis - I'm one of the few people who has never seen the play version of this. I had one moment of amazement during the movie, one moment of nearly being moved to tears, but that ... dunno... I had one, and it was early on, and then I just lost it. I felt like there were things missing, I understand it's a musical and much of it is just explained away in the lyrics, but it seemed like there at least needed to be some poignant pauses for some of the character development.
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Thoughts of the day

Saw a blimp floating around work today... I want a movie, black and white, dystopian past-future with globalists flaring down Tesla death rays to helpless populace below. Grand blind to blimp battles, as though they were ships, secret fortresses hidden in mountains, a stereotypical hero with plucky sidekicks, the hero ending up biting it and the sidekicks save the day. Yup, it's a daydreaming kind of day.

Have spent some time this month figuring out what I want to do. I've decided for stress's sake, I'm selling one of my houses. It's not a bad house, it's I'm overextended and it's not really making bank... it makes enough, but - meh, if I could be 100K less in debt, I'd jump at it. So I decided that's that - would rather have one less potential disaster going on. House renters seem to be significantly different than apartment renters anyway. So if anyone wants to buy a reasonably priced house with lots of newness about it, drop me a line.

I had a dream that me and Chris Foggin went on a motorcycle ride to Wisconsin to see the Grand Canyon... yes, I know it's not there, part of the dream was that we were going to see the Grand Canon from Robotech and it was there, don't ask... I don't claim my dreams make much sense.  Woke up determined to locate all info about motorcycle rental.

Rode the bike in today, glad once again that I look through cars to what is in front of them as opposed to looking at the car in front of me. They didn't see that traffic went from 75 to stopped. The car in front of them didn't, nor the car in front of them. Lots of screeching and perhaps an impact, but nothing that stopped them from moving (perhaps to stop, perhaps I just heard a load shift, who knows).

Had a week in which a friend did something really stupid that I'm not going into. Should any of my friends be about to do anything stupid, please let me know so I can slap you.

Something from the remnants of the juice diet - I dig most juices now. Except turnip greens... I hate those.. BLARGH... hoping spinich has similar nutrients. Also decided I do not care if I'm losing 20% of juice potential by storing it 2-3 days - I'm gaining an hour of juicing and cleanup by doing it only twice a week. Rawr!

(disabling comments for this as only spammers seem to comment on this entry.. 30 or so now)
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I dreamt of Australia

So, Chrome does not not recognize dreamt, but does dreamed. I feel like a fogey now. Google Chrome also does not know what a fogey is... what the hell...

Anyhow, had a dream that Australia got bigger, they added land mass and became the largest continent on the planet because someone accused them of having size issues so they decided to run with it.

For some reason they got a section shaped like Tennessee and I was living there working at a comic book store / game room / soda establishment trying to figure out how to make the river glow neon blue as soon from above (no idea)

I take that to mean it's time to do something interesting...
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Juice fast end

had to stop on day 6. I was getting dizzy walking. Lost 10 pounds, half of it water weight. Going to try moderately doing it - juice or two a day with a meal - seems to be making me quite a bit less hungry.
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Juicing day 5

Weighing in at 223, 8 pound loss in 5 days, I have a feeling it will be somewhere around 10 by the end of the day but not going into details on that one.

Tomorrow I have to break the juice fast, which is annoying as I'm finally able to operate on it. Got a bike ride 20-30 miles and will not have the energy even if I had double the energy I do now... it's short, bursts of energy, can't maintain on the juice yet.

Looks like people who are at day 10+ generally have a leveled out energy, but I'm going to eat some in the morning so I don't pass out while biking. I think for purposes of what I set into this to do I'm not going to kick myself over eating some peanut butter or something.

I am weak, but luckily I do not have to do a lot of physical activity at the moment, so the fast has been going well.

Amazed at how 10 pounds difference feels on the knees.

Brain's at about 66%, physical at ~30% - I honestly think I might faint if I did my normal workout at the moment. However, might try it in a couple of hours as I think I could stand a little exercise and the gym is a fairly safe rubberized place.
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More on juicing day 4

Got the scale to work for a bit, it claims I'm 223 pounds now and may be correct as things have gotten a bit more on track. That puts me at 8 pounds in 4 days.

Current goal is to get down closer to 200 as last time I was there after years of hard work it got pulled out from under me by a broken back... arrrr!

As a note, today was very bad for me thinking - quite cloudy, definately off my game during the day. I'd say I went from the 70something percent down to about a 55% brainpower.

It kicked back on and I feel great after laying down for a little bit though

Going to meet an old friend for a bit in a restaurant, have some water... le sigh..